Monday, September 05, 2011

TextMate, rvm, ActiveSupport outside of Rails, "require"s from current directory, all together now!

I'm prototyping some calendar/date stuff for a Rails app in standalone scripts, and want access to both normal Rails things (in this case, ActiveSupport's date math, like - 3.days) and my own classes within the prototyping directory. I'd like to continue using TextMate's "Run" command to run the current buffer as a Ruby script, since it's convenient. I'm using rvm; my prototyping directory has the same .rvmrc file as my Rails app.

My previous TextMate/rvm post (written for a different MacBook Pro) detailed setting TM's PATH environment variable; on this one I didn't have to do that--I just set TM's TM_RUBY to rvm's auto-ruby, ~/.rvm/bin/rvm-auto-ruby, and with a simple require 'active_support/all', date math.

Setting TM_RUBY made my own requires of code in the prototype directory fail, though. My quick fix was to set TM's RUBYLIB env var to .:${RUBYLIB} since everything I needed for this was in the current directory.

Potentially a little gross, but for now, it's letting me continue. I suspect I may rely more and more on Pry for this type of hacking in the future.

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