Sunday, September 04, 2011

Rails 3 + authlogic explorations

I've started a simple Rails 3 + authlogic example project on github, mostly for myself to experiment with. Right now it's basically a copy of this post's implementation (and unfinished at that), but I'll be expanding it over the next few days in various ways.

As it stands, the "application" (I use the term loosely) consists of a home page (root path) requiring login, and login/logout actions. You may follow the directions in the README file (and cut-and-paste some code), or fork it and do a DB create/migrate/seed, and have a user with a login ID of "plugh", password "xyzzy".

The example app will change its shape a bit as I poke authlogic with sticks, tailor the example to my specific needs, and see what all I can do with it. Ultimately, I'm not sure if I'll end up using devise, or if what I use depends on the app itself. (My own apps have different requirements than my work apps--I may use both!)

Part two; logging in using either a user's nickname or email.

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