Monday, September 05, 2011

Example app test failures from authlogic user sessions

This question on stackoverflow led me to believe that if I actually ran rake test that my example app's tests would fail--and they did, with the same error. (Why I wasn't running tests from the beginning? Meh!) The tests throw up wads of stack trace, headed with this:

SQLException: no such table: user_sessions: DELETE FROM "user_sessions" WHERE 1=1

What's causing this error? We created our user session object like this:

rails g authlogic:session UserSession

Unfortunately, this created a fixture file as well. During testing, fixture files normally map to tables, from which all data is deleted before subsequent reloading of the fixture.

But authlogic user sessions aren't ActiveRecord models, they're AR-like, and are actually authlogic-derived classes. No table: they serve as a link between users (which are in a table) and their authlogic sessions. My takeaway? Authlogic sessions should be created without a fixture file.

rails g authlogic:session UserSession --skip-fixture # Or --fixture=false

The file has been removed from the example app's github repository.

Two other minor changes were made to get the tests to pass (w/o any care to what they're testing). First, the user fixture file was tweaked (replace the old "login" property with the new "nickname" property, make the persistence tokens unique). Second, the HomeControllerTest stub was tweaked to expect a 302 when hitting the index page, which is the redirect encountered when the user isn't logged in.

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