Sunday, January 20, 2019

Back yet again!

As part of a blogging/writing blitz I'm back on this platform as well as others.

I'll be blogging here, as well as one of the bloggers at the Maker's End Blog, discussing a wide variety of topics, generally related to technology, but occasionally stretching far afield into general Making, society, crafting, and so on.

A few of the upcoming topics will include:

* JavaScript
* Embedded Systems
* Projects/Builds
* Technology Landscape
* Automating creative workflows
* Refactoring (with specific examples, usually from Stack Overflow)
* Code Quality Issues and Metrics
* IoT
* Integrations

As always, I'm open to suggestions for topics.

I just built the Pimoroni Keybow keyboard; check out the build and review (and build video). It's a pretty slick 12-key auxiliary keyboard powered by the Raspberry Pi Zero WH with an RGB LED under each key. It acts like a standard keyboard (USB HID) and I'm pretty excited to experiment with it.

Also, stay tuned for excerpts from an upcoming Maker's End book series, the Inspiration Series, which will cover a number of embedded platforms including the Arduino, various Adafruit boards, Sparkfun QWIIC boards and components, and some DFRobot boards and parts. First out of the gate will be the Arduino Inspiration book, a project-based Arduino tutorial, with a goal of inspiring relative newcomers to the world of artistic expression using technology.

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