Sunday, July 18, 2010

Back from the dead.

As I prepare to interview developers again, I'm reminded of my last post--while part of me is curious to see how this round will go, part of me dreads the process. I also noticed I haven't blogged in a Really Long Time and really should start again.


One issue I know I'll have this time around is that we're really running in a legacy environment, but I need developers with current development skills, both to (a) bring our existing codebase into this decade while fitting into a Java 1.4/Struts 1 environment (don't ask :( and (b) all new code has to be developed like it was 2010, and be easily movable when we finally drop everything onto a new server/new Java version (later this year).

I'm also fundamentally wary of developers with *only* Java on their resume accompanied by the usual litany of buzzwords: it basically means I *have* to do phone screens to get past the BS that recruiters and employees themselves put on their resume--made worse by an HR department that isn't clever enough to see past even the most rudimentary BS, then get confused why I'm rejecting so many candidates...

"Usually positions are filled within three interviews."

Really? And you wonder why our last SEC filing included the choice phrase "unable to attract top technical and managerial talent"? Oh, and thanks for that, by the way.

So I need to attract the kind of developer *I* want--but they won't want to work in the only environment I can offer them for the immediate future.